RAD | Sativa Vape | Neon Dream 0.5g

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Made with the dankest bud around, Rad vapes are formulated to help you party like it?s 1985. We removed all the heinous stuff, so our premium THC distillate gives you like only the best pure kickin? sativa goodness to start your night and keep it going. Our totally awesome ½ gram carts use ceramic coils to bring you a wicked hit every time and enhance the stellar taste of our all sativa strains. To keep yourself shining when the sun goes down, Neon Dream is a sweet, earthy electric dream of Super Silver Haze and Purple Punch with a full body high that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired, like a walking daydream. Full on chill pill, bro. Rad vapes are always clean and safe. With the Clean Cannabis Guarantee they are tested to ensure they meet all California state cannabis regulations. Nothing bogus here.

1 review for RAD | Sativa Vape | Neon Dream 0.5g

  1. jefffrey

    try to smoke this while listening to lil wayne “monalysa”

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